Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joseph Roth talk at Jewish Book Week

Last Sunday I went to the Joseph Roth talk at Jewish Book Week, held at Kings Place.  Dennis Marks talked to Michael Hoffman.  I made notes:

The Austrian end of empire has warnings for the end of the British Empire.

With Roth there are always two versions of everything.

Roth's Austria was always in retrospect, in hindsight.

His imagined Austria was his homeland.

Galicia produced Hassidic Judaism in the eighteenth-century.

He was a compulsive falsifier or liar - there is more freedom if people cannot categorise you.

He said that no-one in the world was as superfluous as he was.

Roth hated national states and loved the monarchy which was his home.

(Michael Hoffman):  The EU has a lack of soul and aesthetics, and is largely money-driven.

Above:  poor photograph of Dennis Marks on the left and Michael Hoffman on the right.

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