Thursday, February 02, 2012

The cruelty she is responsible for

Watched Daily Politics at lunchtime which featured Emma Harrison, founder of A4E - an organisation which is supposed to help the long-term unemployed into work.

Talking to some of the helpless people that fall into the clutches of A4E they had to turn up each day for a "course" which involved them sitting in a room from 9 to 5 (or 10 to 4, I can't remember exactly) week after week doing nothing (there was no "training" they just had to sit there).  Bored out of their minds and depressed by the pointless nothingness of their daily existence the unemployed people would sign themselves off benefits rather than go back to that room.  A4E then counts this as a "success" and claims a fee from the government for getting people off benefits.

This happened under the last Labour administration, a couple of years ago.

Today I looked at Emma Harrison on television laughing and joking with the other guests, who were presumably unaware of the cruelty she is responsible for.

The Daily Politics studio is close to the Embankment, and it would have been entirely understandable if some of the long-term unemployed should grab Emma Harrison as she emerged from the building and tip the frightful woman into the Thames.

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