Thursday, February 16, 2012

Landon Thomas Jr must be some kind of idiot

Rubbishy article in the New York Times about youth unemployment in London.  The journalist, Landon Thomas Jr, manages to write 1,400 words without mentioning that ONE MILLION Poles have moved to the United Kingdom over the last few years and have taken all the starter jobs that would normally go to young people (the "NEETS" Landon Thomas Jr mentions).  Employers prefer to employ Poles because they are desperate to work however low the wage, do not complain and do not know their employment rights.

Effectively employers, with the connivance of politicians, have imported a class of Polish serfs.

This has happened without any democratic mandate from the United Kingdom population.

Presumably Landon Thomas Jr must be some kind of idiot not to notice this.

Also I am not happy about the generally hostile tone of the New York Times coverage of the United Kingdom - they always find a negative sneering angle, no matter how distorted this makes the article.

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