Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I managed to watch Daily Politics at lunchtime.  Another discussion about youth unemployment without a single mention of the impact of migration.  There are a million unemployed young people and a million (recently arrived) eastern Europeans in the United Kingdom.  Various "experts" will tell you that the two facts have no relation to each other, and that the Poles and other assorted Europeans are not directly taking jobs that would otherwise have gone to young people.  However this argument ignores the displacement effect - the migrants take jobs that would otherwise have gone to British job seekers and these jobseekers then take jobs that would otherwise have gone to young people.  The effect is the same.

The impact of migration is not mentioned in debates on youth unemployment because the politicians have no answers to the problem.  They prefer to hide behind weasel words that "prove" migration is not really a problem.  The British government needs to negotiate directly with the the Polish and Latvian governments and tell them to stop exporting their unemployment.

What will happen when the restrictions on the movement of Romanians are lifted?  Conditions in Romania are so bad we can expect a significant portion of the Romanian population to move West.  Are the politicans just going to wait until this happens?

Certainly Damian Green needs to go - he is not capable of controlling the situation.

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