Monday, January 09, 2017

Moral leadership

Have just finished reading The Czar's Madman by Jaan Kross.  It is a wonderful book about the stand of one principled individual against a monolithic state that will tolerate no dissension.  Obviously my reading of the book was coloured by the Brexit struggle.

Point One of Timo von Bock's draft constitution:  The Christian faith must be the foundation of our social order.

It is a point we need to take notice of as we plan the post-Brexit nation state.

And yet the Church of England is in no condition to give moral leadership.

Since John Major, bishops have not been appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister.  Bishops have appointed themselves.  And like all self-perpetuating elites they have become corrupt.

I would like to see Theresa May reasserting control over the appointment of bishops so that the connection between the Church and the People is restored.

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