Saturday, December 05, 2015

What we signed up to with the vote earlier this week

On Dateline London the discussion, inevitably, was about Syria.

There seemed to be serious misconceptions about the nature of "Islamic State" and the reasons why the United Kingdom has joined the onslaught against the evil organisation.

Since Hiroshima the unstated principle of Western foreign policy has been that any attack by a non-Western enemy upon a Western nation will result in overwhelming, indiscriminate and terrifying punishment.

Ho Chi Minh defies America? - hundreds of thousands of yellow people are killed and south east Asia is bombed back to the stone age.

Saddam Hussein threatens the West - hundreds of thousands of brown people are killed, Hussein is hanged, and Iraq is comprehensively trashed.

Muammar Gaddafi sponsors terrorism in the West - Libya gets a beating and Gaddafi is killed and thrown on a rubbish heap (metaphorically).

There is no "after plan" to any of these scenarios.

You threaten the West and you will get a beating.

I have doubts about the effectiveness of this policy.  I have doubts about the morality of this policy.  But it is what we signed up to with the vote earlier this week.

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