Saturday, December 05, 2015

The vote in favour of military action was a mistake

The Oldham by-election was a referendum on the House of Commons vote to join in the Syrian war.

Don't give me all the guff about the polls saying public opinion is in support of the war.

Effectively you had the immigrant community in Oldham combining with the ordinary voters (of all parties) and the core 2010 Labour vote to elect the Labour candidate because Labour was (on the whole) the party that said no to the war.

This is problematic for Conservatives such as myself who think the vote in favour of military action was a mistake.

One does not want to side with the "terrorist sympathisers" of the Labour party.  Still less does one want to encourage in any way the Muslim community.  And so the only option is to remain, on the whole, silent.

But the war is a mistake. 

And I was appalled watching the debate to hear speaker after speaker advise we should let in more Syrians.

The terrorism in Paris and now in America was a result of the failure of multiculturism (the terrorists were from local immigrant communities).

And yet we are being advised that the answer to the failure of multiculturalism is yet more multiculturalism.

I'm afraid the proponents of multiculturalism are fanatics.

The proponents of multiculturalism are insane.

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