Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Donald Trump has done us a favour

British politicians need to be careful about the abuse they are hurling at Donald Trump.

He could well be next American President.

In the early 1990s there were those around John Major who attempted to interfere in the American election on the side of George Bush senior, and Clinton was so enraged that Anglo-American relations suffered as a result.

And Donald Trump is quite right to say that there are parts of London where people do not feel safe - I was born in Weedington Road in Kentish Town and I definitely do not feel safe going back there.

Would any police feel safe going onto Broadwater Farm Estate even today?

And if the streets of London are so safe why did former Labour Minister Harriet Harman have to wear a flak jacket when walking (with a police guard) in Peckham High Street

The problem with idiots such as David Cameron and Boris Johnson is that they have NO IDEA what it is like to live surrounded by Muslims.

As someone who as a teenager grew up in the Dallow Road area of Luton, I can advise you that living among Pakistani-heritage people is an extremely unpleasant and unsafe experience.

Donald Trump has done us a favour by drawing attention to a serious problem that hoity-toity stuck up British politicians are too grand and important to bother themselves with.

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