Saturday, November 21, 2015

John McDonnell has given a speech

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has given a speech this week:  text of speech

Talking about the 1950s and 1960s he asks the question:  "...why is it that so many things we took for granted back then are no longer available to our children’s generation?"

He has not yet realised that open door immigration is incompatible with a welfare state (including health care, education, unemployment benefit, social housing, public transport, public libraries etc) paid for out of general taxation.

Huge increases year on year in the population (and so in the numbers of claimants) reduces the amount of welfare available.

The only way to maintain 1960s levels of welfare with 21st century levels of immigration is to have huge rises in taxation to keep step with the rises in immigration.  As the taxation paid by post-1997 immigrants does not cover the social benefits they consume (and cannot do so, since the whole point of importing cheapo immigrants is that they are paid minimal amounts of money and so do not pay much in the way of tax) this must mean that non-immigrants must subsidise the social consumption of immigrants.  This social-economic model is not fair nor is it sustainable.

Mr McDonnell goes on to say "...we need government to understand and accept the strategic role it has to play in our new economy... a process that will see us work with businesses, entrepreneurs, scientists, trade unions and wider civil society to shape the economy of the future".

This sounds like the Little Neddies that operated under the umbrella of the National Economic Development Council of the 1960s and 1970s.

Perhaps Mr McDonnell should be reminded of Enoch Powell's speech to the South Kensington Young Conservatives on 30th November 1970:  "You can neither intervene, not withdraw from intervention, by half-measures".

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