Saturday, November 07, 2015

How does one counter Islamic fanaticism?

On Dateline London this morning Gavin Esler referred to a Russian general who in 1988 had predicted that the West and Russia would have to co-operate to counter the rise of Islamic fanaticism: (about 16 minutes into the braodcast).

Which makes me ask:  how does one counter Islamic fanaticism?

An ideology can only be subverted from within - the holders of the ideology must be made to doubt what they are believing.

Which means the security forces must understand the Koran completely, and identify all the flaws, and use those flaws to destroy confidence in the belief system.

It is no use employing tame Muslims to do this - they are a tainted and unreliable resource.

It will have to be done by specialist teams in the security forces approaching the task from an entirely secular point of view, with the aim of undermining entirely the certainty on which Islamist fanatical belief depends and generating social media interactions designed to circulate these ideas.

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