Friday, November 13, 2015

Evil Muslim monster Jihadi John

Reports today that American drones have probably killed evil Muslim monster Jihadi John:

All the media reports say Kuwati-born Mohammed Emwazi "came" to the United Kingdom aged six.

They announce this fact as if it was the most obvious, most natural thing in the world.

He just "came" here.

I would like to know who let him in and why they let him in.

Can we please know the civil servants and immigration officials and politicians who enabled the entry of the Emwazi family into the United Kingdom and why they did so.

Because we do not have an open border with Kuwait.

We are under no obligation whatsoever to allow Kuwaitis in here.

If you were to test public opinion on the subject, either now or in 1994 (under John Major's crap government) I have no doubt the resounding response would be:  DON'T LET THEM IN - we don't need them, don't like them, don't want them in our country - under no circumstances do you politicians and civil servants have a mandate to allow Arabs into our country.

So can we please know which officials (including elected officials) allowed this serial killer into our national home.

And on an anthropological level, there is enough data now from immigration statistics and intelligence reports to be able to assess how many terrorists and criminals will result from a given Muslim immigration rate.

Muslim immigration in large numbers only began in the mid-1970s.  It must be possible to say that out of every one thousand Muslims coming into the United Kingdom a statistical percentage will be "radicalised" and either help in the commission of terrorist acts or actually commit those acts.  We can then extrapolate from that evidence and predict how many more terrorists are incubating in our midst - and indeed how many of the 20,000 Syrians coming in the United Kingdom over the next five years will mutate into terrorists and go on to commit atrocities.

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