Sunday, November 29, 2015

Conservative politics at the youth stage is trivial

I am sad Grant Shapps has resigned:

For the record, I first joined the Conservative Party age 16, first started going to meetings age 14, first self-identified as a Conservative age 10 (in a mildly Labour-voting family living in Dallow Ward in Luton).

In all the time I have been involved with the Conservative Party I have never experienced any bullying or seen any bullying of others.

I am sorry for the parents of the person who committed suicide, but I think they should stop blaming the Conservative party and look for other reasons.

A young man does not casually commit suicide.  There would have been indications beforehand that his mind was disturbed, and surely his parents would have noticed those.  Certainly one would not expect a young man to commit suicide for trivial reasons.

Because Conservative politics at the youth stage is trivial.  It is more a social club than a political movement.  There are no high stakes, there are no life-or-death issues, there are no all-or-nothing moments.

There is nothing to be gained from rising to the top of Conservative Future - most past National Chairmen have gone nowhere, whereas David Cameron has got to Prime Minister without even being a member.

I did meet obnoxious people when I was involved in Conservative youth politics - and all I did was leave that branch and join a neighbouring branch.

Things are different where real power is concerned.  I note that Wes Streeting MP complains in this article about bullying within the Labour Parliamentary Party:  We know that Gordon Brown bullied the staff who worked for him, pushing people off chairs, using mobile phones as missiles to throw at people etc.

But no "young" Conservative has any real power, and no-one takes young Conservatives seriously, not even other young Conservatives.

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