Friday, August 28, 2015

You both need to take responsibility

Paul Flynn MP is absolutely right, the raising of false hope is directly contributing to the tragic fate of migrants.

Therefore individuals such as Owen Jones (Guardian) and Alan Travis (Guardian) have direct responsibility for the asphyxiation of the 71 unidentified migrants in the back of a van on the side of a road in Austria.

The deaths of thousands and thousands of migrants is an international crime for which, in the fullness of time, one hopes there will be arrests and trials and punishments (long heavy punishments one hopes).

However it is not just the people smugglers and other direct enablers who are guilty.

Just as someone who shouts "fire" in a crowded cinema is responsible in law for the deaths of those trampled to death in the subsequent stampeded, so those liberal-left voices saying migrants should be allowed to enter the EU and indeed enter the United Kingdom must also share responsibility for the deaths that subsequently ensue from the mass migration across EU borders.

Let me talk directly to Mr Jones and Mr Travis:

Sirs, in the Hyza refrigeration van that contained the 71 suffocated and decomposing bodies of migrants there were the remains of a two-year-old girl.  By encouraging the idea of open-door immigration into the EU ("We need the west to take responsibility for disaster zones it helped create, like Libya and Iraq") you are directly responsible for the death of this little girl.  Had she and her family remained in a refugee camp she would no doubt have grown up in a limited, boring and hard environment but at least she would have been alive.

You helped encourage her family to push into the EU by whatever means possible in the hope of "a better future".

You both need to take responsibility for ending this poor little life.

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