Friday, August 21, 2015

Under Ms Harman's watch the Labour party has messed up

Channel 4 News this evening considered the supposed "infiltration" of the Labour party:

Acting Leader of the Labour party Harriet Harman has been touring broadcast studios today telling us that the Labour party's checking and vetting procedures are "rigorous, fair, robust" and there was nothing to worry about (the Burnham team had been threatening legal action).

However Cordelia Lynch on Channel 4 News revealed that only 50 people in the Labour party are doing the checking and vetting.

There are 600,000 members and registered supporters to check.  There are 50 people doing the checking.  Therefore each checker will have to process 12,000 individuals.

This is not really possible is it?  Even as a rubber-stamping exercise it would be impossible.  If each checker were to spend 20 minutes checking each member/registered supporter it would take 4,000 hours (or 333 days working 12 hours per day).

Therefore we must conclude that Harriet Harman is having us on.

The procedures are not rigorous, fair, and robust.  They are not even flimsy token gestures.  They are ridiculously inadequate.

Under Ms Harman's watch the Labour party has messed up.

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