Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The closure of Kids Company

Channel 4 News led this evening with the closure of Kids Company:

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was interviewed and said "...loads and loads of kids I think have been helped..."

Note the crucial Freudian "I think".

He does not know whether loads of people have been helped.

Is it not the case that so effectively has the pro-BME lobby become that anyone attempting scrutiny of a pro-BME organisation is immediately suspected and accused of being racist.

And thus pro-BME organisations are not scrutinised (but thank goodness for Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings).

In the studio former Kids Company employee Leo Schwartz was asked whether he saw anything improper during his time with the organisation.  He immediately (and rather too quickly one thought) said "I was not involved in the finances".  Note he did not deny improprieties may have been going on, just that he was not involved.

It seems that a very large chunk of the £3 million of public money given to Kids Company last week has been already spent paying "wages and salaries".

Can we have an assurance that no public money has been spent on "expenses" for Kids Company personnel, and if money has gone on "expenses" legitimate receipts were submitted.

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