Monday, August 31, 2015

The banners are a publicity stunt

Public emoting employed by London Mayor candidate Sadiq Khan MP.  Of course he does not put forward any suggestions of his own.  Merely states that other politicians should pay attention.

Let us pay attention to the images he broadcasts.

They are banners on display at football grounds in Germany "welcoming" refugees.

Germany is a German-speaking country, and yet the banners are in English.  Many Germans understand English of course.  But if these banners were genuine we would expect them to be in German would we not?

They cannot be intended for the actual refugees themselves as they are penniless refugees unable to afford the price of entry to expensive football games.

Therefore we must assume that the banners are a publicity stunt by the Germans aimed at the international media and not a spontaneous reflection of popular German opinion.

Ah, but the Germans are "taking in" 800,000 refugees the left will tell you.

Can we see some assessment as to which country, Germany or the United Kingdom, is doing more to help refugees from troubled countries around the world.

Not just the banner waving and the politicians emoting.

But whether Germany is meeting its commitment to foreign aid as a proportion of their national budget.

And can we have a commitment that the 800,000 "taken in" by Germany are going to remain in Germany and be supported by Germany and not given documents that allow them to travel around the EU.

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