Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is the Labour movement going into meltdown?

In his misery and despair Nick Cohen (Observer) turns on his own people and trashes his own political home:

Is the Labour movement going into meltdown?

Some quotes:

Like many from the Left’s dark corners, Corbyn does not believe in the human rights of “us all”.

...a sickness on the Left has spread from the fringes to the mainstream…

The malaise on the modern Left becomes evident…

...the liberal Left announce their political correctness and seize on the smallest sexist or racist “gaffe” of their opponents. 

…in Labour’s case the centre ground is as polluted as any derelict site.

…the hypocritical, and in my view despicable, strain of thought that Corbyn represents…

…the ugly turn much of left-wing thought has taken..

…Blair has discredited Blairism, and Corbyn’s rise is a reaction to his decline.

…Blair has destroyed his democratic “legacy” more thoroughly than his enemies ever could.

Unless Labour changes very fast and very soon, it will cease to be a force for good in the world.

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