Thursday, August 27, 2015

Immigration STILL rising

How on earth is immigration STILL rising:

It is not enough for the government to say that the figures are disappointing.  We need to see changes in the government, and if necessary a change of Home Secretary.  Why on earth do ministers not have the character or the personality to ensure that policies are enforced?

Also note that non-EU immigration is HIGHER than EU immigration!

This indicates we have a government that is not in control of THE MAIN ISSUE THAT CONCERNS THE ELECTORATE.

Can we please have deterrent custodial sentences for students and others who overstay their visas - by deterrent I mean in excess of five years.

And why are so many Chinese people being allowed into the country?  89,000 in the last twelve months.  We have ZERO obligation to allow Chinese migrants in (and China does not allow significant immigration into the People's Republic).

To say I feel pissed off by these immigration figures is an understatement.

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