Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey, don't flatter yourself

Andy Burnham interviewed on Channel 4 News denied that "entryism" into the Labour party was a major issue, despite an upgrade in the crisis talks being held by acting Labour leader Harriet Harman:

Waffling around the subject, Mr Burnham tried to make out that the entryists were Conservatives.

This is of course a feint.

The "entryists" are not hundreds of thousands of Conservatives but hundreds of thousands of socialists.  You know, the sort of people Labour is supposed to represent.  Andy Burnham cannot actually attack all these genuine lefties, even though they are not voting for him, so he has to pretend that the problem is swarms of Conservatives.

I do not know any Conservatives who have registered to vote in the Labour election.

Conservatives I know are supremely indifferent to the Labour party.

Like Gabe Cash rebuffing Ray Tango in the famous shower scene, Conservatives can say to Andy Burnham Hey, don't flatter yourself:

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