Friday, August 28, 2015

Fit and healthy men

Report on Channel 4 News about Eritreans "fleeing" Eritrea:

And yet the men shown on the film seemed fit and healthy.  They were not disabled, or chronically short-sighted, or wearing incontinence clothing.  They were fit and healthy men.

So why are they "fleeing" across continents?

Why are they not doing what men and women should do when faced with an oppressive regime that is terrorising them - why are they not taking to the hills, organising themselves into a free force and fighting against tyranny to bring democracy and human rights to their fellow citizens?

When the Germans dropped millions of bombs on London in 1940, creating a terror far worse than anything in Syria, did the population of London run away or did they fight back, young and old, in every way possible?

When the Germans invaded and occupied France did the French people simply accept this or did they fight back with the Free French forces and the Resistance?

When the German grip on Poland (a reign of terror if ever there was one) weakened in 1944 did the population of Warsaw use the opportunity to commission people smugglers to get themselves out, or did they take part in an uprising?

Why are the Eritreans and the Syrians and the North Africans, all those fit and healthy men and women able to walk hundreds of miles towards the bright lights of the West, why are they incapable of taking the necessary action to free their own countries?

Or as young and middle-aged men and women are they simply inadequate failures, incapable of organising themselves and building their own future?

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