Sunday, August 30, 2015

Demand positions

One must commend the wisdom and courage of the Home Secretary Theresa May in thinking the unthinkable (free movement is not practical) and saying the unsayable (Schengen must be dropped):

It is an old saying, but the difference between England and Continental Europe is that they believe in philosophy whereas we believe in common sense.

On The Papers on BBC News Channel this morning Alice Arnold ("broadcaster") said that Theresa May was "being tougher than Cameron".

On the same programme Mihir Bose (London Evening Standard) said "these could be demand positions on Europe".

They could also be demand positions on the Conservative leadership contest.

We know Dave is gone by end of 2019 latest.

We know that behaviour by potential candidates during the European Referendum is going to determine, largely, who wins the leadership (no open Europhile is ever going to get the top job - I would rather the party destroyed itself than fall into the hands of a Ken Clarke).

We know that if Labour opts for Corbyn they are out of it for ten years or so and our candidate will sail through the 2020 general election, whoever we choose.

So who better to back than Theresa May?  We have not yet seen the full range of choices, but she is early into the race and by claiming the Eurosceptic ground is thus establishing a proprietary advantage.  And for all of Dave's witterings about working time directives and the like, the EU referendum will be enthused by arguments about movement of people and the way in which Labour saddled us with EU agreements where we have destabilising amounts of immigrants arriving here.

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