Saturday, August 22, 2015

A truncated fragment

Incredibly hot day - the heat and humidity oppressive, the silence unnerving, the sense of presentiment prescient.

I parked in the village by the ancient coast (discernible by the land on one side of the road being lower than the other).  I looked around the church, and photographed the exterior of two farmhouses.  Then I turned my attention to the hill, and the trees at the summit.

Walking up the track my plan was to continue until challenged and told to clear off.

Eventually the manor house came into view.  Pevsner says it is a truncated fragment and was originally three times larger.  A rainwater head gives the date 1630.

Approaching the house I was challenged immediately.

Very elderly gentleman but active, moving quickly across the lawn.

I explained I had seen the church and wanted to look at the outside of the house.

He was very welcoming, pointing out the architectural details, the great blank wall where the rest of the house had originally stood, the magnificent chimney stacks.  He apologised for his wife not being up (she was having a lie-down).  He offered me a cup of tea.

One of the hottest days of the year, but I had the sense that summer was draining away.

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