Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1,980,000 EU nationals working in the United Kingdom

Earlier today on BBC News 24 Anita McVey reported that there are now 1,850,000 unemployed people and 1,980,000 EU nationals working in the United Kingdom.

Therefore if we leave the EU and require the 1,980,000 foreigners to leave the 1,850,000 unemployed will be able to find work.

And can the left stop screaming from the rooftops that we are not taking enough migrants.  ALL the 1,980,000 EU nationals here are economic migrants, no different from the jungle dwellers in Calais.  We have far too many economic migrants here already without taking any more.

Asylum seekers are not of course economic migrants.  They are the responsibility of the first EU country they arrive in.  If EU countries are not happy with this arrangement they need to reopen the treaties and conventions they signed.

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