Friday, July 24, 2015

What is Andy Burnham's track record on blue sky thinking?

Lord Falconer tells us that Andy Burnham "... is the leader who can build a bold new radical programme for Labour":

Excuse me, but what is Andy Burnham's track record on blue sky thinking?

What books has he written?

What learned articles has he published?

It is all very well being a blokey scouser who likes to kick a football about.

But for Prime Ministerial candidates we do need an intellectual behind the man-of-the-people facade.  Someone who understands society, its make-up, and how it works.  Someone who can grasp abstract economic theory and translate it into practical policy.

I am afraid Andy Burnham is not that person.  Even the use of the familiar "Andy" indicates he is not a serious person (as any Andrew can tell you, "Andy" when used outside the family is almost always a self-infantilisation).  Outside of social care I cannot think of one original idea that he has had.

Andy Burnham will not do.

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