Friday, July 31, 2015

We should just take Calais off the French

On BBC News 24 just now we saw pictures of the French police trying to stop migrants in Calais.  The migrants ran past them while the police made half-hearted attempts to raise their hands and flap them about (the same technique you might perhaps employ to scare chickens).  One of the police must have realised they were being filmed as he did at least get out some kind of spray - although the French police are quite likely to use it against the reporting media rather than the actual lawbreakers.

On a less serious note, this does make me wonder whether we should just take Calais off the French.

We already have part of Calais as United Kingdom territory since our border is on French soil.

Calais was part of England for 492 years (1066 to 1558) and has only been French territory for 457 years (1558 to 2015) therefore our claim is stronger than that of the French government.

We know the French police will not resist any invasion since they are responding so pathetically to the illegal migrants (and indeed, French behaviour in 1940 reminds us that faced with invasion their tendency is to surrender).

So why do we not take Calais back and build a proper wall around the department (the Israeli wall keeps out unwanted incursions into Israel).

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