Thursday, July 02, 2015

To criticise London must mean criticising the people in it.

In a piece that can be described as sneer masquerading as irony Guardian journalist Hadley Freeman belittles London:

She makes, on the whole, a reasonable argument.  As a Londoner born and bred I cannot stand going to London now.  But I am a right-wing Conservative who votes UKIP to punish my own party - I have the freedom to complain about the state of London.

Hadley Freeman is a Guardian journalist, and is presumably a leftie.

It is not permissible for a leftie journalist, even as a bit of ironic fun, to criticise "the most diverse city on Earth".

Because to criticise London must mean criticising the people in it.

And to be fair to Hadley Freeman she makes no pretence of hiding her contempt for the diverse populations who have set themselves up in London (Russians, Armenian Jews, Greek/Indian/Spanish shops).  Even allowing for the is-it irony-or-is-it-her-real-view teasing tone of her writing, some of the things she says are impermissible for a leftie.  Indeed, her parenthesised "London people are awful", if brought before a judge, would probably be classified a hate crime within the meaning of the Act, since so many people in London are black, brown and yellow.

Of course, we are meant to believe that Hadley Freeman is actually satirising journalists who write about leaving London (although was it necessary to tell us twice in 927 words that there is a book of 28 essays about writers leaving New York).  And it is possible that Hadley Freeman by attacking the attackers is defending the issue she is writing about.  But like Mrs Blackamoor in Little Britain who vomited whenever she saw an ethic person, is it irony or is it a lefty tasting what is to them that most delicious of forbidden fruit - racism.

And do you see what I have done here, I have ironically satirised a journalist for her ironic satire.  Oh how clever I am.  Perhaps even clever and smug enough to write for the Guardian.

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