Friday, July 24, 2015

The disconnect between the Labour party and the country

Anne Perkins analyses the disconnect between the Labour party and the country:  "But members in any party are not the same as party voters. Post-election research by Tim Bale and Paul Webb into the party’s membership found the typical member was white, middle-class, left of where SNP supporters say they are and further left of the Lib Dems, but sharing many Lib Dem-ish preoccupations. They are pro-Europe, pro-immigration and libertarian on matters such as controls of speech and the media. They are also disproportionately – 40% - employed in the public sector. This is not the profile of the average Labour voter, and even less so of the people who need to vote Labour if it is ever to form another government."

To introduce a genuinely radical programme (whether right-wing or left-wing) a party needs to build trust.

And it takes more than one parliament to build trust.

And yet leave it too late and the electorate becomes bored with you.

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