Thursday, July 02, 2015

No intervention in Syria of any kind

Michael Fallon needs to be told:  NO AIR STRIKES ON SYRIA:

No intervention in Syria of any kind.

As soon as the United Kingdom intervenes in a Middle East country the left here will start the usual incessant clamouring:  we messed up their country therefore we must let in thousands (then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands) of Syrian refugees.

And unfortunately the ministers at the Home Office do not have the strength of character or the managerial ability to be able to stop immigration.

Therefore we do not get involved in Syria (or any overseas adventure) until we have mopped up the previous immigration overspills.

If we (the people) cannot have immigration control you (the bigshot government ministers striding the world stage) cannot have foreign adventures.

Have I said that plainly and clearly enough?

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