Monday, July 27, 2015

Lies and cynicism and power for the sake of power

Ian McKenzie (formerly a Special Adviser to Ann Taylor MP and John Prescott MP) writes on Labour Uncut:  "I wish that the left had been able to see the Blair and early Brown New Labour formula for the Tory-bewildering common sense it was. All they had to do was understand how political compromise works..."

Was a free run for cigarette advertising in Formula One a compromise?

Was peerages for cash a compromise?

Was a Government Of All The Talents (including Lord Sugar!) a compromise?

Was pulling the rug from under Mo Mowlem a compromise?

Was secretive sofa government a compromise?

Was "no return to boom and bust" a compromise?

Was the dodgy dossier a compromise?

Was the Iraq war a compromise?

Or were they all just lies and cynicism and power for the sake of power.

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