Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Larry Elliott writing in the Guardian about the Greek crisis

This is such a stupid argument by Larry Elliott writing in the Guardian about the Greek crisis:  http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/jul/06/germany-1953-greece-2015-economic-marshall-plan-debt-relief?CMP=twt_gu

There is no comparison between Greece in 2015 and Germany in 1947.

I have no liking for Germans, but to distort history in this way is to damage all of us (since without truth there can be no justice - for anyone).

Germany in 1947 was defeated and occupied.  There was no possibility of the Germans causing more trouble in Europe.  The individuals in the defeated German government who had caused the European crisis had been put on trial AND HANGED.

For Larry Elliott's comparison to be viable Mr Tsipras, Mr Varoufakis, Mr Papandreou et al will need to be dangling from the end of a rope and the manic spending ideology of Syriza and all the other Greek parties expunged from the canon of legitimate political behaviour.

However, far from being defeated and disgraced the individuals who caused the present crisis are still at large and living the high life in Athens.  Far from their ideology (which across the left and right of Greek politics can be characterised as Spend, Spend, Spend) being defeated, there is every indication that if Greek debt is written off all they will do is run up new debts and in a couple of years will be in the same situation again.  The problem is the Greek population (collectively) paying themselves more than they (collectively) earn, borrowing the difference, and expecting the single currency to finesse this fact away by claiming workers in the rest of the Eurozone will not notice the cost of this "social solidarity".

On BBC News 24 yesterday it was revealed that Greece imports 80% of everything it consumes.  What is wrong with their social and economic organisation that has led to this imbalance?  Are there no manufacturing companies in Greece?  Has Greece not yet experienced the industrial revolution?  We are shown pictures of tearful mothers and children receiving charity handouts of medicines - is there no pharmaceutical industry in Greece that can supply these items?  The Germans after 1945 made a collective decision to WORK themselves out of the poverty and destitution they found themselves in - it is time for the Greeks to do the same.

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