Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Joanna Gosling interviewed Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham

On BBC News 24 this lunchtime Joanna Gosling interviewed Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham.

He insinuated that Labour would just become a party of protest under Jeremy Corbyn.

He emphasised the need for economic competence.

Which makes one wonder what exactly the Burnham record on economic competence is.

What is the economic philosophy he espouses?  Please don't tell me he doesn't have an economic philosophy.  Economic trust is crucial to any serious politician.

So is he a Keynesian or a Friedmanite?  Chicago School or Piketty follower?  "No more boom and bust" or yes, let's have boom and bust but we will hide the borrowing on obscure PFI contracts and keep going as long as possible until we are caught out?

And WHAT is the Burnham view on predistribution?

Evan Davis is not asking the candidates these hard questions - it is left to Kay Burley and Joanna Gosling.

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