Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's rise in the Labour party

On Radio 4's PM programme Emily Thornberry (a very pushy, VERY opinionated Labour backbencher) dismissed Tony Blair's intervention into the Labour leadership debate, and also tried to laugh off John McTernan's description (on Newsnight) of her as a "moron" for nominating Jeremy Corbyn in the first place:

Former Labour Leader Margaret Beckett self-identifies as one of these "morons" for her own nomination of Mr Corbyn.

It seems that Ms Beckett and Ms Thornberry only approve of democracy so long as you vote for candidates they approve of.  Presumably they nominated Jeremy Corbyn to set him up for a fall, and expected that after a crushing rejection of Corbynism they would be able to stamp on any revanchist socialists who try to reclaim the party for the Left.  Instead it is the Blairites who are being crushed and stamped on.

As a purple Conservative (a Conservative who is prepared to vote UKIP when necessary) I welcome Jeremy Corbyn's rise in the Labour party.  If they move to the left it gives us permission to move to the right.  The whole of politics will be refreshed.

For too long political parties in the United Kingdom have resembled those professional wrestlers who deliberately bear-hug each other so that neither of them has any freedom to act.  Neither of them can get advantage from the bear-hug, but equally neither of them can fail or fall.  It's boring, static and phoney, and we need in politics to get away from it.

The Morons:

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