Thursday, July 30, 2015

Irresponsible risk

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

In this article by Sundar Katwala, Director of the rather over-ambitiously named think-tank British Future, makes no mention of inter-communal violence:

And yet every society that has gone through the forcing together of distinct cultural communities has subsequently experienced on-going inter-communal violence expressed at times of social stress or crisis.

Indeed we experience it in the United Kingdom all the time and yet Sundar Katwala chooses to ignore the statistics.

Of course, the United Kingdom is not Rwanda, or Bosnia, or India.  Nor is it Syria or Burma or Fiji.  It is not even Ferguson, Missouri - or at least not yet.

But Northern Ireland demonstrates what happens when a migrant community intrudes itself into a territory against the wishes of the majority.  Six hundred years later and that part of the British Isles still experiences convulsions.  The migrants that settled in the southern part of Ireland have long been ethnically cleansed.

Sundar Katwala is himself mixed race and so he has no choice but to peddle (I use that word deliberately) the line that he does.

But the rest of us do not need to take this irresponsible risk with our future.

We live in a democracy.

If enough of us say we do not want a multi-cultural society (and that is the view of the majority) the politicians will have no choice but to dismantle it.

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