Thursday, July 30, 2015

I think we need to blame the Labour Party

On Newsnight yesterday a French person in Calais was asked about the migrants and said they all want to come to the United Kingdom because "they think England is El Dorado".

Who is responsible for this image of England as an "El Dorado" for third world migrants?

I think we need to blame the Labour Party.

They are the ones who "sent out searching parties" looking for migrants and started all this public sector droning on about being welcoming and inclusive of "diversity" (left-wing code for immigrants).

And can we please stop shouting ad nauseum that we are a tolerant country.  That is only encouraging people to come here.  Start saying we are intolerant of lawbreakers, and that includes illegal migrants.

The nudge theory does work, so start using it - the United Kingdom is not a tolerant country if you have come here illegally.

Can we also have a statement from the government that a new policy of Zero Tolerance for Illegal Migrants is to be introduced.  No matter how long you have been here, no matter what "family ties" you have developed.  If you have entered the United Kingdom illegally you will have all property confiscated, you will go to prison for three to five years, and then you will be deported.

And get a grip of the judiciary - illegal migrants have NO rights here and whatever international agreements need to be abrogated we intend to stop the flood of foreigners.

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