Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I am puzzled why we do not see the French police hitting these illegal migrants

Very alarming listening to the PM programme on BBC Radio 4 about illegal migrants forming themselves into small armies and attempting to break through the border fences at Calais:

This is an invasion by any standards.

I am puzzled why we do not see the French police hitting these illegal migrants.  If there is one thing the French police are renowned for around the world, it is beating people with batons.  And yet there are no police to be seen on any of the news reports - you would think that the French are happy to just shuffle the problem over the border so they can evade responsibility.

The Home Secretary needs to get a grip on this problem, and also start pursuing those illegal migrants who have already got through.

And yes, that DOES mean the United Kingdom police hitting illegal migrants with batons when they catch them - hit them sufficiently hard that they will not be tempted to repeat the experience.

And does this not absolutely reinforce the necessity to KEEP OUT OF ALL FOREIGN ADVENTURES, ESPECIALLY BOMBING SYRIA until the flood of migrants stops.

Otherwise we are going to have the left dancing up and down saying these people have a "right" to come here because we wrecked their country (conveniently forgetting that the biggest wrecker of modern times was a Labour prime minister).

And also serious consideration needs to be given to closing the border at Calais and routing all traffic via Harwich-Hook of Holland - perhaps the Dutch police will be a bit more competent than the French.

But above all we need to get out of the EU - these people are not our friends if they behave as the French are behaving.

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