Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Full of cronies, bullies and buggins-turn placemen

In theory trade unions are a vital part of our society, protecting the weak against the strong.  In theory trade unions should be valued institutions, which the majority of working people are happy to support.  In theory trade unions are an essential part of the market economy, curbing the power of employers to rig the market.

In practice trade unions are a dead loss.

Full of cronies, bullies and buggins-turn placemen, they have fallen into the hands of a self-perpetuating class of second-rate second-division petty pseudo-socialists.

How has this happened?

The onset of mass immigration in the 1960s and 1970s was the opportunity that the then trade union leaders funked.  Instead of protecting their members by opposing the import of cheap labour they decided to put a commitment to internationalist ideology first (screaming "racist racist racist" at anyone who tried to discuss open-door immigration).  Which meant that trade unions increasingly had no answers to the problems posed by globalisation.

And now the whole idea of a trade union is redundant.

Which means no-one is coming forward to protect them.

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