Sunday, July 26, 2015

Enough of this scaremongering Ms Kendall.

"In a forthright interview with The Independent on Sunday, Ms Kendall says those who are backing the MP for Islington North are “looking for easy solutions but they’re the wrong solutions” and that his policies “won’t change the country for the better”. She also points out that Mr Corbyn has failed to rule out voting for Britain to leave the EU, which she says would be a 'catastrophe' " -

It is not enough for Liz Kendall to just say leaving the EU would be a "catastrophe".

She needs to say why.

A "catastrophe" according to the dictionary is an apocalypse, a calamity, a cataclysm, a convulsion, a tragedy, a bloodbath, a collapse, a crash, a meltdown, Armageddon, doomsday, the end-time.

I suggest that leaving the EU will be none of these things.

Even for those who will not benefit (and there will be some, notably big business corporations not keen on paying tax) will at most suffer mild discomfort and the necessity for some reorganisation.

Most ordinary people in the United Kingdom will benefit significantly from leaving the EU.

So enough of this scaremongering Ms Kendall.

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