Saturday, June 06, 2015

The views of Rafał Trzaskowski

This is such a weird front page article by the Observer's Political Editor Toby Helm:

It is given prominence on the front page of a national newspaper, it reports to the views of Rafał Trzaskowski (Poland’s secretary of state for European affairs), and yet the arguments made are shallow and inconsistent.

Let us look at some of the points:

The minister… reiterates his country’s refusal to accept… that social benefits should be denied to all EU migrants for at least four years after arriving in the UK.

The issue is too many migrants, not whether they claim benefits or not.  Therefore gaining this “concession” from the EU is not going to satisfy the British people.  British communities do not want to be swamped by destabilising floods of foreigners no matter how skilled they might be at plumbing.

Britain would no longer be an important player if it left the EU.

Sixth biggest economy in the world compared to Poland at number 24?  A little more humility please Mr Trzaskowski.  Your economy is so poor your best people are literally walking away from you, so let us have no more talk about who is the important player.

He warns that the ability of British people to travel as freely as they do now, and to work and buy homes in other EU countries, would also be lost.

How many ordinary people work and buy homes in other EU countries?  I’m talking about ordinary people not the globalised executives who move around the world building their CVs, or well-off old people who can buy their second homes in Florida just as easily as Spain.  Two million rich people exported to Europe and two million paupers imported into the United Kingdom – that is a shitty deal by any standards.

UK businesses would suddenly face new problems, as the UK would no longer be able to influence the rules of the internal market.

Guess what, we don’t “influence” the rules anyway.  No country does, the bureaucrats are unaccountable and do what they want.  That is why the United Kingdom must leave, and sooner or later (perhaps when you have got over the trauma of being occupied by the Germans and Russians for fifty years) even Poland will not want to be in the EU.

Britain will still have to pay into the EU budget, just as the Swiss and Norwegians do.

The United Kingdom is not Switzerland or Norway and does not have to do what the Swiss and Norwegians do. 

It would have no influence over the decisions yet it would have to subscribe to all the rules.

The EU exports more to the United Kingdom than the United Kingdom exports to the EU – so who has the power in this relationship?

London would not be that sexy a place for capital movement because it would have much looser links to Europe.

This is silly talk.  The main reason capital moves to the United Kingdom is that this country is relatively uncorrupt and the money is safe.  That is not going to change, in or out of the EU - and please don't tell us that the EU can stop capital moving, no matter how many rules and directives it introduces.

Poland… now sees itself as a central player in the union and is determined to defend the rights of the 700,000 Polish citizens in the UK, the vast majority of whom are in work.

Think carefully about this Mr Trzaskowski.  If you do not give us exactly what we want and we leave the EU you will have up to a million unemployed people back on your doorstep and your economy will tank and your party will be booted out of office.  So you be more respectful to Mr Cameron and remember to call him “Sir” as he has tremendous power over you and your country.

There is no need to be respectful to me as nothing you can offer will influence my decision – I want the United Kingdom free of the EU.

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