Monday, June 08, 2015

No-one is getting emotional about our shared EU history

Did it not surprise you when listening to the World This Weekend on BBC Radio 4 yesterday that the two pro-EU Conservatives they could find were Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke:

Yesterday's men.

They probably quite approve of living in Ted Heath's vision.

And is it not noticable that whereas in the Scottish referendum there were many people voting with their heart, in the EU referendum no-one is getting emotional about our shared EU history, traditions, family connections, much-loved institutions, joint military achievements, communal singing of the EU equivalent to Auld Lang Syne etc.

The most the IN side can hope for is that enough of the voters on the day will be arsed to go to the polling station and will look at the ballot paper and say Yeah, whatever and vote for them (for THEM - the faceless, high-handed, foreign-accented, unaccountable, inexplicable, money-grabbing EU bureaucrats).

I can't see them doing it.

The most the IN side can hope for is to scrape through on the basis of the whole political Establishment working together, putting up a united front and leader, and using fear to the max.  But that is a trick they can only pull once.  Second time round the people will see through this, and we will be OUT.

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