Friday, June 26, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is arguing the state should confiscate private property

Essential Jeremy Corbyn is arguing the state should confiscate private property:

Presumably along with the petty landlords and the bourgeois owners of share portfolios he would want the kulaks rounded up as well.  Perhaps put into re-education camps.  Perhaps roughed up a little just to make the lefties feel good.

And before you start going on about how selling off social housing is confiscation of collective property, the left were way ahead of anyone in doing this. 

Labour was the party that removed the right to social housing for local people based on payment of National Insurance and replaced it with a right to social housing based on "need" available to anyone from anywhere - combined with open-door immigration policies this meant that from the 1950s onwards social housing was increasingly allocated to New Commonwealth immigrants with large families (and a marked tendency to vote Labour).

Is it any wonder that the precious post-war consensus on the welfare state broke down - who is going to want to pay higher taxes to house people who have no connection with this country?

And please don't tell me that immigrants "jumping the queue" for council housing is a myth.  On Daily Politics this week Mayor of London candidate Sadiq Khan told us that his family when they arrived in London got a council house.  Guardian journalist Gary Younge has written that his family got a council house (or flat, I can't remember) in Stevenage.  Chi Onwurah MP has written about how this scam is still being practised (see here).  Labour needs to reflect soberly on the way their diversion of collective resources into a rotten borough machine designed to turn out Labour MPs has resulted in the abandonment of support for social housing in the United Kingdom.  And is it not the case that the open-door immigration from 1997 onwards (and still going on) must ultimately result in the abandonment of the welfare state in its entirety including state pensions, the NHS and free education of children?

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