Sunday, June 07, 2015

It makes you wonder how much all these people knew

The left-wing luvvie spot on the Andrew Marr Show this morning was filled by Alistair McGowan (a luvvie who attended the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama; a leftie who supported the Green Party at the last election - as we know the Greens were well to the left of the official Labour Party).

Mr McGowan appeared on the show to talk about a play in which he appears as serial rapist Jimmy Savile.

In a montage of historical photographs that were shown as Jimmy Savile was discussed we saw the serial rapist standing next to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

This was presumably a subliminal smear on the Conservative Party (in an "innocent face" sort of way).

However Jimmy Savile was associated with politicians of all parties.

For instance, consider this situation-comedy from the 1970s:

If you watch from 7 minutes into the programme, the daughter character launches into a outburst in which she mentions Jimmy Savile appearing on television alongside serial sex offender Cyril Smith MP (a Labour politician before he became a Liberal).  The coupling of these two names in a satirical comedy cannot surely be coincidence - the author is I would guess making an in-joke discernible only to those who knew what was going on.  As the son-in-law character later became the real life father-in-law of Prime Minister Tony Blair, it makes you wonder how much all these people knew.

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