Monday, June 01, 2015

An almost frightening capacity to get the job done

Watching Yvette Cooper interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday, I thought she was competent and formidably well-prepared (she seemed keen to give the answers before Andrew Marr had finished asking the questions).

As a manager she could do the job of Labour leader perhaps better than any of the other candidates.

Her managerial qualities were beyond doubt.

What was lacking was zeal - and association with one, two or three causes that she is passionate about.

Andy Burnham has a rather plodding persona, but one can hear the name "Andy Burnham" and the mind involuntarily associates it with (free?) care for the elderly.

One can hear the name Liz Kendall and one involuntarily thinks "more Tory than the Tories" (this is a smear by her enemies in the Labour party, but it is a smear that has worked).

One hears the name Yvette Cooper and one thinks of an almost frightening capacity to get the job done.

But what are the things she wants to get done? (beyond power for its own sake).

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