Monday, June 22, 2015

A cover-up in the Labour Party concerning Greville Janner

After the report on Channel 4 News this evening about a cover-up in the Labour Party concerning Greville Janner (Ed Miliband knew much earlier than anyone suspected) surely Keith Vaz's position as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee must be in doubt.

As far back as 1991 Mr Vaz was providing cover for Greville Janner.  Presumably he was an unwitting dupe of the evil Mr Janner, but nevertheless it shows a shocking lack of judgement given the rumours that were circulating and the seriousness of the accusations that were made against the evil man.  How much did Keith Vaz know about this person, and why did he choose to defend him?

Surely the decent thing would be for Keith Vaz to step down from the Home Affairs Select Committee, otherwise the suspicion of an establishment cover-up will taint enquiries into the whole subject of politicians and child abuse.

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