Monday, May 25, 2015

The Referendum campaign has already started

It is important to realise that the Referendum campaign has already started - started on the morning of 8th May according to Alec Nussbaum.

The Out side needs to start organising and fund-raising (some preliminary work has been done).

On the whole I think the Out side has the advantage.

After what happened in the Scottish referendum Labour In can never link up with Conservative In and Liberal Democrat In.  Therefore the In side is divided.  A house divided can never stand.

And I wish commentators would stop assuming that David Cameron is some kind of Europhile who wants to stay in.  There is nothing in his background or indeed actions as Prime Minister that is inconsistent with leaving.  Assuming he is on the Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine side of the party would be a big mistake.

And let us just pause and consider what a wonderful opportunity has been given to us, especially if we win.

As a nation we can start again.  We will be free.  It will be a time of great renewal, especially for young people.

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