Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rebrand in Scotland as the One Nation Unionist Party

For those of us who were relying on Scottish Labour to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom this does not inspire much confidence:

I would like to see the Conservative party rebrand in Scotland as the One Nation Unionist Party (we are as much the Unionists as Labour these days since we have one MP each, and One Nation is our slogan) and put a paid agent in every constituency with a simple under-the-radar remit to build membership and get people into local government.

That will build a base for the future.

And also George Osborne should be using money to strengthen pan-British institutions. 

Whatever the economic argument in favour of defence cuts, it is undeniable that increasing spending on manpower and recruiting tens of thousands of young Scottish men into the Army will dramatically and exponentially (since they will have families who will be proud of them) increase loyalty to the United Kingdom.

And let's bring in new British institutions outspending the SNP (nationawide free care homes for the elderly perhaps).

If we want to keep Scotland it is time to spend some political money there ourselves, not give money to the SNP to spend.

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