Thursday, May 28, 2015

No room for any dissenting voices

Spot the contradiction in this pro-EU article by Catherine Stihler MEP on the Progress website:

"Labour will support the EU referendum bill when it comes before the House of Commons and we will make a strong case for our continued membership" says Ms Stihler, and then adds "we need to put politics to one side and fight this battle as citizens".

So you can have a free vote of conscience as a citizen so long as you tow the party line and support continued membership.

No room for any dissenting voices then, which is ironic since Labour was based on the dissenting tradition.

And note her preference for Richard Branson and David Beckham to head her ideal campaign team - as if we do not have enough celebrity luvvies giving us political advice.

And also note the howler "the EU is the most successful peace process that the world has ever known".  The United Kingdom and America had an army of occupation in Germany until the 1990s, so there was no chance of a continental war, EU or no EU.  And when civil war broke out in the former Yugoslavia the EU was impotent (and indeed, the Germans were stirring things up in Slovenia).

Lies upon lies upon lies Ms Stihler.

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