Monday, May 18, 2015

I would like to see the Big Society given a relaunch

Now that we are planning an exclusively Conservative programme for the next five years I would like to see the Big Society given a relaunch.

The previous version failed, but we can blame that on being shackled to the corpse that was the Liberal Democrat party.

I want a new Big Society movement to focus on the mobilisation of volunteers with a target to have a significant proportion of the population engaged in volunteer activity in all forty five ministerial and non-ministerial departments of government.

To make sure there is action give the responsibility for implementing the Big Society in a particular department to a new (post 2005) MP in the same way big companies have a "kindergarten" or "playpen" where graduate trainees are given tasks to see how they perform.  Yes there will be the growth of an opposition within the government but that will be good for efficiency and will keep established ministers on their toes.  And because the new MPs will be keen to make their mark they will make the Big Society happen.

The existing Big Society is far too nebulous, it needs to be made tangible - particularly with physical headquarters in each of the 130 unitary and county authorities in the United Kingdom.  As an aside, I think basing offices in redundant non-conformist chapels will give the right image of neo-Victorian worthiness.  Although Big Society is devolved, I think we should be undermining devolution by offering extra cash for new Big Society initiatives which councils and groups in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can bid for (we can ignore the SNP protests - for all their representation WE are in power and we have nothing to gain from pleasing the SNP).

The Big Society needs to be about the mobilisation of volunteers, training of volunteers and motivation of volunteers to bring about a transformation in society so that we are all looking after each other (perhaps in the form of a radical implementation of William Taylor Coleridge's Conservative ideology).,d.bGg

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