Thursday, May 07, 2015

I did NOT vote Conservative today - and here's why

No, I did NOT vote Conservative today - and here's why.

On the one single issue I most trusted you to sort out - immigration - you failed.

Non-EU immigration, which was absolutely under your control, actually went up.

Therefore I did not work for your election, I did not give you money, I did not vote for you.

Oh I know all the crafty arguments you employ.  That there is nowhere for me to go.  That the other lot will be far worse.

But you know, I don't think the other lot will be worse.

I think they will be no different.

Of course I am under no illusions about what evil shits Labour and the LibDems are.  But I have woken up.  I realise YOU (and I'm thinking Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, May, Hague, Truss etc) are less than trustworthy too.

Who cares how wonderful the economy is.

What is the point of a strong economy if you are giving the country away.

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