Sunday, May 31, 2015

How the metropolitan elite (including foreign journalists) views the prospective EU Referendum

Earlier today Dateline London gave an interesting perspective on how the metropolitan elite (including foreign journalists) views the prospective EU Referendum.  It is clear that they do not fully understand what is happening, and are not taking the referendum seriously.  This is encouraging, as it indicates the IN side has not organised to fight the campaign (and there is little time left to put together a credible campaign organisation, probably it can't be done effectively).

Complacency seems to be the prevailing mood.

Ian Birrell (Mail on Sunday) dismissed the UKIP brand as "toxic" despite the party moving from 900k voters in 2010 to 4 million voters only a few weeks ago.  As UKIP supporters are motivated and enthusiastic about the referendum their strength will be the strength of ten (to quote Tennyson) and added to disgruntled Tories like myself and disillusioned Labour supporters may well carry the day.  Whereas the IN side will be defending an institution that issues directives on chloro-fluoro-carbons, has a Sepp Blatter disdain towards auditing accounts, and is led by men with the personality of Herr Flick from 'Allo 'Allo.

Stephanie Baker (Bloomberg) said she did not understand why David Cameron was pushing for treaty change.  This is because she is assuming David Cameron wants to stay in.  Whereas actually David Cameron is in a win-win position - if his demands are met he becomes a hero, if his demands are not met he returns to London and advises the country to vote OUT and equally becomes a hero (history is written by the winners).

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