Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Andy Burnham's candidacy for the Labour leadership

The problem with Andy Burnham's candidacy for the Labour leadership is that he is not an intellectual.

Which means he is just offering himself as a front-man presenter.

That would be OK if he had a team of top-flight six cylinder intellectuals around him.  But he doesn't.  Rachel Reeves maybe, and possibly Dan Jarvis for some added charisma (but Labour activists are never going to warm to an ex-army man as a key adviser - they will turn on him in the same intolerant way lefties turn on James Blunt).

It's not as if Andy Burnham has written any books or anything.

So Labour will have a charismatic leader who has only an average amount of charisma.  A presentation guy with only average presentation skills.  And not someone who has had experience of one of the great offices of state (or even one of the great shadow offices of state).

Labour are looking for a star quality Marylyn Monroe.

But it looks like they'll get Diana Dors.

And as Diana Dors found out, you can only get so far on having long eyelashes.


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